Preparation and cooking tips

How to cook Wild BC Salmon by Exec Chef Ned Bell

We had the chance to go “behind the scenes” at the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Pop-Up Cafe and learn more about how Executive Chef Ned Bell prepares Wild BC Coho Salmon. Watch this quick video to watch Chef Bell at work!


  • Use Canadian Canola oil instead of EVOO for better flavour and a higher smoke point

  • Use course local salt to season - Wild BC Salmon this fresh doesn’t need much enhancement!

  • When placing your fish in a hot pan, place the fish away from yourself to avoid hot oil splatter

  • Let the oven do the work! Just a quick pan sear before using the oven to finish cooking the fish

  • Wild Salmon is delicate, treat it that way - there is no need for tongs and flipping and over cooking.