Wild BC Salmon Suppliers

Text about suppliers here and about contacting us if you can not find what you are looking for.


Mark Recalma |  250-954-4121  |  Website N/A  |  Email: markrecalma@hotmail.ca  |  Forms: Fresh & Frozen

AERO TRADING LTD - Vancouver & Port Edward.  Ships Worldwide

Brad Mirau  | 250-802-3024  |  Email: brad@aerotrading.ca  |  www.aerotrading.ca  |  Forms: Fresh, Frozen, Value Added (eg. Smoked), Roe, Export.

ALBION FISHERIES LTD - Richmond. Ships Worldwide

Guy Dean  |  604-295-2025  |  Email: guy.dean@albion.ca  |  www.albion.ca  |  Forms: Sells Direct to Public, Fresh, Frozen, Value Added (eg. Smoked), Export.

AQUALINE SEAFOODS LTD - Delta. Marketing Arm for Silver Spring Seafoods Inc. & Port Fish (P.A.) Ltd. Ships Worldwide

Jesse Bray  |  604-940-9111  |  Email: jesse@aqualinesfds.com  |  www.aqualineseafoods.com  | Forms: Fresh, Frozen, Value Added (eg. Smoked), Roe, Export.