Frozen vs fresh Wild BC Salmon - which is better?


What could be better than eating a piece of delicious fresh Wild BC Salmon right off the line or boat? Well, unless you live right on the coast and have access to fishermen or your very own boat, odds are that fresh piece of fish you are purchasing is actually “fresh-frozen” meaning it was flash-frozen after being caught, shipped to your fishmonger or grocery store, and defrosted for sale.

But fear not, this is a GOOD thing!

Fishermen often say that they'd rather eat a piece of frozen salmon that was wild-caught, bled immediately (which slows down decomposition), and flash-frozen that same day on the boat. Major advancements in FAS (frozen at sea) technology helps "lock" in the freshness.

Wild salmon that are poorly caught, not bled, and/or sit on ice for days before being properly frozen more often go “bad” or allow bacteria to grow and no-one wants that.

Be sure to talk to your fishmonger and ask where their wild salmon is from and how it was caught. Also ask if the fish sitting on ice and labeled as “fresh” has only been thawed once and not frozen and re-thawed several times.

For more information on how to tell if your Wild BC Salmon is fresh please click here. Looking for Wild BC Salmon near you? Try our new online store locator!