The BCSMC is a volunteer run board comprised of a number of top executives from the fish buying and processing sector who meet several times per year to help develop and drive a comprehensive marketing program that benefits BC’s Wild Salmon industry. Wild Salmon is the ONLY commercial fishing sector that has a marketing council that supports them with both industry guidance and governmental funding support.  Supported by a small, but talented and hardworking marketing & administration team, the BCSMC works hard all year long to ensure that the benefits will flow almost entirely to B.C.’s commercial wild salmon fishermen.


BCSMC Council Members

Troll Sector: Dane Chauvel (Chair) - Dane Chauvel is one of a growing number of independent West Coast fishermen who believe a balance must be maintained between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. A second-generation fisherman (raising a couple of third-generation fishermen), Dane co-founded Organic Ocean Seafood Inc. to supply sustainable seafood to discriminating retailers, chefs and restaurateurs. Dane holds a BA (Economics) and an MBA and had a successful career as a finance executive in the technology sector before returning to his first love of fishing.

Troll Sector: Bob Fraumeni (Past Chair)

Seine Sector: Chris Ashton
Gillnet: Blake Tipton
First Nations: Henry Clifton
First Nations: William Gladstone
UFAWU: Guy Johnston
Large Processor: Dar Brinham (Canfisco)
Large Processor: John Nishidate (Grand Hale)
Small Processor: Guy Dean (Albion)
Small Processor: Steve Hughes (St. Jean’s Cannery)


Managing Director - Steven Richards (srichards@bcsalmon.ca)
Marketing Manager - Lisa Simonsen (lsimonsen@bcsalmon.ca)
Administrator - Leslie Budden (lbudden@bcsalmon.ca)
Social Media & Digital Marketing Support - Christine Nielsen (cnielsen@bcsalmon.ca)